Trust our reliable pest control team to get rid of them for you.

Our qualified and trusted team will assess the problem and work out a treatment plan to eradicate your pest. Whether it is rats, mice, bed bugs or other infestations, our team will treat and remove them.

The pest control team have years of experience and will deal with your problem sensitively, thoroughly, and at a competitive price.

Our pest control services are available to all businesses and residents within Waltham Forest and neighbouring boroughs.


Book our qualified team to remove your pests


Whether you’re a resident or business our qualified team can remove your unwanted pests from your property.

Fully insured team – Our team are insured with £5 million in public liability insurance, so your home is in safe hands.

Highly skilled - We have been delivering pest control services in Waltham Forest for over 40 years and know all the secrets for removing pests from your home.

Competitive pricing – Our prices are some of the lowest across London, our clear pricing plan will cover the number of visits required to ensure your  pests have gone for good.

Available across North and East London


Pest control prices

Type of pest Cost Consession charge
Bed bugs (Includes two visits) £185 (+£16.50 per additional room) £130 (+16.50 per additional room)
Carpet beetles (one infested room, two visits) £115 (£16.50 per additional room) no reduced fee
Cockroaches (two visits) £150 £101
Common clothes moths (one infested room, two visits) £115 (+£16.50 per additional room) no reduced fee
Fleas (two visits) £140 £99

Pest removal can take a number of visits and the length of visit will vary depending on the level of the infestation and the type of pest you are trying to remove. 

Children and pets must always be kept away from the poisons or insecticide. Our skilled and trained team  of pest control officers will only lay poison where it is safe to do so.


Type of pest Cost Consession
Garden ants (two visits) £115 no reduced fee
Mice (three visits including bait removal) £150 £110
Pharaoh ants (three visits) £145 £103
Rats (three visits including bait removal) £150 £108
Wasps (one nest) £90 (additional wasps nests £42.50) no reduced fee


To book a pest control you will need to sign up for the council 'my account' and then fill in the online form.

They will ask you a series of questions and you will be able to choose the date(s) you would like our team to visit.


Preparing for your pest control visit

Once you have booked your pest control service you will need to make sure you have prepared your house or business ahead of time to ensure the pest removal is as efficient as possible.

You can find out how to prepare your property by reading the pages linked to below. If you don’t see the pest you are having removed in the list then there is nothing you need to do to prepare you home.

Appointments are from 8am-12pm or 12pm-3pm.

Someone will need to be in when we arrive as we can’t enter your premises unaccompanied.

You can manage your booking online including rescheduling or cancelling your appointment up to two days before the appointment. Please see your confirmation email for further details of rescheduling or cancelling an appointment.